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¿Que pasa Muchacho? Only the easiest drinkin’ Mexican-style lager known north of the border that’s what. Crisp, clear, and tasty, this good hombre is muy bueno when chillin’ at cookouts, ball games, and fiestas.

  • ABV / IBU
  • 4.80% / 18.0
  • Hops
  • Columbus, Liberty

Food Pairings

Cuisine (Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, Mexican cuisine, Cajun or Creole cuisine), roasted meats (steak, chicken, sausage), fried chicken, fried fish, (calamari, shrimp), shellfish


Drink at:45°F - 50°F

In a Pint or Nonic Pint Glass

Juco Can Block

Imagine these cans, but ice cold.

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